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Integrations:   As you capture your customers' passion, Sociamonials will add contacts to lists in your email provider or CRM automatically!
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In a nutshell, engagement is key. And well, engaging with your users across so many different social networks is really hard. So we made it really easy.

Social Media Campaigns
Get Your Social Audience Buzzing
With so many engaging social media campaigns on tap and unprecedented insight into what works, prepare to blow minds.
Smarter Social Posts
Smarter Social Posts

Start conversations with an enterprise social publishing tool that is always learning. Optimize posts automatically based on conversion goals.

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Photo and video Contests
Photo & video Contests

Launch agency-quality social media campaigns in minutes and place on social, mobile, and your website. No coding required.

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User-Generated Content
user-generated content

Capturing video, photo and text content from your community is simple with Sociamonials. Syndicate to on-page galleries, social and mobile.

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Launch social campaigns like these in minutes with no help from IT
Publish to social media
Manage all of your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube accounts. Tailor for each and post to all with just one click.
Shorten and track all links automatically to save time and provide reporting on each post and share.
Repost previous messages with ease.
Approve user posts from your mobile device.
Lift your brand's word-of-mouth to viral levels
Easily launch engaging social campaigns to social, mobile and your website
Visualize Your Performance & Identify Brand Advocates
Know exactly how much revenue, leads and website visitors your users have generated while advocating for your brand. Links to their social accounts are provided for influencer outreach efforts.
Visualize Your Performance
Social CRM

Build a robust database of social leads that integrates with your CRM and ESP.

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Track Revenue

Tie revenue back to all social publishing, campaign and share button activity.

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Detailed Reporting

Native reporting is beautiful and robust. Learn insights that will inform your strategy.

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Explore Our Innovations
In addition to standard features provided by most software solutions on the market, Sociamonials provides these unique features:

Create multiple user accounts with detailed permissions:

  • Limit access to specific social accounts
  • Restrict access to user's personally identifying information
  • Route published messages through any other user for approval
  • Time / Date localization for multi-time zone teams

Account monitoring throughout the day alerts you if any social network drops the API connection, which can cause messages not to post.

Moderation of user-generated content allows you to build engaging galleries of user videos, photos and messages without the embarrassment of associating inappropriate content with your brand.

Dynamic analytics integration allows you to pass the following values to your analytics platform automatically for published messages, share buttons and campaigns:

  • Source (ex. Video Contest)
  • Name (ex. Cutest Baby Contest)
  • Network (ex. Facebook, Email)

All links generated from Sociamonials are shortened and tracked.

Lead conversion tracking allows you to report on white paper downloads and email newsletter signups.

Revenue tracking allows you to report ROI on your social activities.

Profanity filter protects your brand.

Asset library allows you to store brand assets in the cloud for quick use in your campaigns and share buttons.

Social CRM tracks customer activity across all social touch points, including interaction with published messages, share buttons and campaigns. Provides engagement and referral rankings to quickly identify key influencers.

Integration with popular CRM and email service providers.

Customer database encryption helps meet new corporate data security regulations.

Custom campaign design. WYSIWYG editor allows marketing personnel to create beautiful designs without writing a single line of code. Choose from a number of design templates and background images to create an agency look in minutes.

Custom Email Notifications – WYSIWYG editor allows you to match your email notifications to your brand so it appears that emails are coming from you. You can even add personalized fields and attachments. Create a separate email for each step of the submission process, including: Thank you for signup up, internal email notifications, your submission is approved, voting is open/don't forget to share, etc.

Custom submission forms - Drag and drop simplicity allows you to quickly build custom forms to capture the information you need.

Block search engine crawling or customize the SEO tags for each campaign page for maximum exposure.

Tracking & Retargeting Tag management. You can setup AdRoll retargeting campaigns that encourage visitors to come back and submit if they do not complete the form submission process of any campaign.

API Integrations - Choose your email provider and list. Form submissions will automatically be added to your email provider.

Sweepstakes Functionality:

  • One-time or periodic winner selection periods
  • Fraud prevention will flag suspicious entries
  • Award additional entries for referred sweepstakes entries, referred leads & sales, referred online store visits, video submissions and bonus entry codes.
  • Sweepstakes console provides detailed entry information about each contestant and a history of their activity as well as information about their IP address, like city, organization, etc.
  • Sociamonials randomly selects recommended winners based on the number of eligible entries. You declare one or more winners for each winner selection period and it is stored in the system for future auditing in case of a challenge.

16 campaign types to choose from to drive loyalty, engagement and referrals from your followers.

Video and text testimonial management. The only system with a streaming video recorder. Also the only system that allows video submission via email attachment. Quickly add testimonials to product pages, landing pages, etc.

White label (Enterprise accounts only) allows you to remove Sociamonials branding from campaigns and share buttons, even the authentication screens.

Integrate your campaigns into these channels with no coding required:

  • Facebook tab - Sociamonials will add up to three separate tabs to your Facebook page running concurrently, other systems only manage one at a time)
  • Mobile Responsive Microsite - A shortened link and QR code is provided to an engagement page that looks beautiful on any device.
  • Company website and blog (embedded) – You specify the size, we provide iFrame code ready to copy and paste where you want the campaign to appear
  • Company website and blog (popup) - Add campaign as a popup with no coding required. Configure easily with options like only popping up on first visit, delaying popup until user attempts to exit page, and fly-in effects.
  • Company website and blog (sticky tab) - Add a fixed position tab where you specify with the look and feel that matches your brand. Options include opening then closing automatically, only on first visit, etc.
  • Publish to news feeds of LinkedIn, Twitter & Facebook - Once campaign is deployed you can publish the campaign link and information across all of your social accounts with the click of a button for instant traffic.

Create campaign split tests for up to 5 campaigns simultaneously and a report will automatically be created revealing which performed the best across a number of different KPI's.

Campaign automation allows you to create an automated sales funnel that presents lead generation offers to prospects, testimonial campaigns to leads, and referral campaigns to customers.

User-generated content curation allows you to assign user photos and videos to certain campaign galleries, add them to emails and web pages, etc.

Run unlimited reports with no added cost.

Full reporting is provided for published messages, campaigns, share buttons, videos and an organizational overview.

Optimal publishing times report shows you when to post to optimize clickthroughs, leads or sales for each social network.

KPI's include revenue, # of sales, leads, referred visits, engagements, comments, shares / retweets, and likes / favorites.

View reports in chart view or data view for more detailed analysis.

Export any report for editing in MS Excel or output as a PDF for sharing.

Video reporting quickly shows you the top 5 videos for three categories: Most viewed, most revenue and most leads.

Report on video view through conversions or click through conversions.

Overview report is one of the primary reasons to use Sociamonials. Because you are using one software tool for your social programs, you can see at-a-glance which networks, media types, employees, campaign types, etc are driving KPI's like revenue, leads, visits and engagement.

Social Media Campaigns
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