Affiliate Opportunities

Earn Up To 40% Monthly Recurring
Commission FOR LIFE!


Affiliate Opportunities

You will be earning 40% of all payments made by your referrals, including their monthly or annual license payments, upgrade payments, and addon payments. To help you succeed, you'll be provided with a 20% off discount coupon code to advertise to your referrals!

Your first 2 referrals will be paid at 20% and you will be provided with a 10% coupon code. You will be AUTOMATICALLY and IMMEDIATELY moved to our 40% commission plan with a 20% discount coupon once your second referral purchases any of our plans! At that point, you will automatically remain in the Super Promoter plan every month, as long as at least 2 of your referred customers have an active paid account.

Why Choose the Sociamonials Affiliate Program?

  • Viral Sweepstakes are white hot right now, and ours are the best. Download our case study and use it in your blog or email promotions and tons of referrals will come our way.
  • LIFETIME payouts. As long as we make money on your referrals, you make money too
  • We have a 14-day free trial with daily onboarding emails to increase conversion rates
  • Full featured dashboard. See your entire funnel with an easy and intuitive affiliate dashboard. Track all the way from visitors to $$$.
  • Direct Paypal Payouts. Link your PayPal account and get paid directly at the end of every month

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