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The Importance Of Social Media Management

by Kelly Jamison

We all know and understand that social media is a huge part of the business world as we know it today. Being on social platforms can often mean the difference between a Company’s success or failure. I’ve heard many people’s resentment over this, but, when it comes down to it, they just simply aren’t embracing change. If you think about it, so many changes occur each year in the world. 2014 certainly isn’t the same as 2015, and that trend will continue over the years. So, my question to you is: why isn’t everyone embracing social media for the amazing gift that it is? I feel like people see social platforms as this scary uncharted territory, but fail to see the amazing uses behind it. Social platforms are free advertising, a fun and easy way to connect with people all over the world and simply the best way to connect with a younger generation.

So, now that we’ve stopped viewing social sites as a chore instead of an amazing tool, let’s talk about why it is so important to have a social media management solution. This, of course, can be several different things: a myriad of disparate tools cobbled together to post messages to social media, or a platform that has everything in one place. The possibilities to management solutions are widely available to you, but, surprisingly, not everyone takes advantage of this fact. The bottom line is: people don’t want to work with a business that doesn’t seem organized, and this includes your online presence. After all, the first thing we do when looking at a new restaurant or doctor is read the reviews other people have left online for us. Why wouldn’t this be the same for your business? If you want people to know who you are and what you have to give, a well- done online persona is imperative.

No matter which management solution you choose (I mean, we have a pretty good all-in-one solution. We had to put at least one shameless plug in here), you need to understand that you and/or your team are using it as a way to keep your online business world organized and of value to your customer base. Think of it not as a chore you have to uphold, but as an incredible way to show people you are worth all the hype. The internet allows us to connect with others that we may never have had the chance to otherwise, so why wouldn’t we do everything we could to make sure what they are seeing of us is top notch? To me, it seems like the logical thing to do. Make sure you have an incredible team and system in place so that the online world is getting the best possible view of you. After all, the internet is here to stay so we might as well use its incredible tools to further our business ventures!

Which Social Media Management Solution do you use?

By tuning in and watching what is important to your audience, you will most certainly find places where you could better your Company

A Guide to Social Listening for Improving your Marketing Strategy

By Kelly Jamison

Can you believe we now have so many opportunities to engage with our customer base? Before the arrival of Facebook, Twitter, and the various other social media networks, we didn’t have the option to become so close with the people that use our products and services. Now that we have such powerful online tools, it stands to reason that we should do anything and everything that we can to use them properly. After all, social media is about connection and consistency. Without these, we can’t expect to fully understand what our targeted audience is really looking for from us.

So, why is it so important to actually listen to social media? There is a lot of information behind why marketers do what they do, and this week I wanted to go into these points with you. Believe me, the advertisements and blog posts you see each day aren’t just random. If a marketer is doing their job, they are gathering information with every comment, like and re-tweet.

One of the most important issues you can become aware of through social media are the problems that your customer base is facing. By tuning in and watching what is important to your audience, you will most certainly find places where you could better your company. Take a look at any complaints that are being made and use this time to not only assure your customers that they will be fixed, but also that their input helped bring this issue to your attention. By doing this, you are being provided with very important information while addressing issues that will ultimately make your customers appreciate what you do.

Did you know that there is always more to learn about your brand? It’s true! Even if you think you know your brand backwards and forwards, there is always something more to be said and more to find out! What are your customers saying about your brand and what are their thoughts surrounding your products and services? Leveraging this information will improve your content marketing, SEO and PPC strategies. Pay special attention to who is talking about you the most and where they are from.

Finally, I want to address this last point which is that you’ll start to build a community. With social media, this is really the end goal. You want to get the word out while connecting with millions of people who find joy, help or significance in any way out of your product or service. By listening to their needs and being active about fixing issues, you are showing your new community that you are listening and ready to take on more! No one wants to work with an organization that doens’t seem to care about their customers. Show your audience that you can by listening in the one place you know they’ll be talking- online.

On which social media network does your customer base talk to you the most?